Friday, December 29, 2006

Freaky friday

what an odd day this is. i can feel my insides churning.

or maybe it's too much coke.

it's 1100 an no one's home yet. an old friend called telling about his messed up life. finally made himself happy in a long time. glad fer him. told me of other people's messed up lives. that was weird.

i was supposed to receive some mail but the dude conveniently forgot.

dad had a car accident last night i didn't even know of. this is what happens when fathers bottle up everything. they pretend everything's okay and their dumb kids get fooled too. then we live with the guilt that we should have been more responsible and asked them "how was your day?"

didnt get to meet up wit khal to discuss the script. had to run some errands for his mummy. maybe next week then.

Gahhhh.. grassroots tomorrow.. and babysitting..

what an awesome way to end the year woohoo.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Once upon a time in Woodlands Avenue 6 of Majulah Singapura

Yay, got to stay home today. Even if I wanted to follow jace to NLB i couldn't.
There was some weird accident at admiralty mrt.

So Mirzan found a new passion.. LION DANCE!

It's funny but at the same time, still funny.
He looks like he's going into a trance.

Now he suffers from Hi-5 deficiency.
He needs L-O-V-E!!!

Too bad bibik confiscated the CD.
Parents were complaining about his stunts in the living room.

And I found a very, very old photograph of my mum.
Okay not that old, only 1981.
We all use Final Cut Pro.
Wait till you see Final Cut Pro v.-10

It's all in the hands, people.
Uh-huh that means manual rewinding, and play and cut and stuffzorz.
Wonder how they used to colour correct.
Think if we still use this today, a single Production class could last as long as a week.
A day of pre, a day of production, and three days of post.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kanana for you!

Selamat hari rayeeeeeeeeeeee.
Acer's being a biitchh~

Somehow battery fell out while I was mid-hibernating.
Then when I restarted it took close to 3 hours to start up.
Vaitaminit... it didn't bloody start up at all laaaa.
At 77 percent battery died. Now have to start up all over again.

Dear very very good God up high in heaven,
Please grant proper functionality to my lappy. At least until I've saved enough for a new one. Or at least until I've backed up all my files then can you destroy it. I promise to delete the entire season 2 of OC so that I can leave more space for files that are beneficial. I promise to shower lappy with sweet sweet love and handle it tenderlier than a chicken.

Doesn't help much that bibik is lecturing me about how machines are like people.
They fall sick too when overworked.
and they need medicine quick.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sitting on the sidelines.

Tomorrow’s Hari Raya, but it feels like any normal day.
I’m not in the mood, dad’s not in the mood, family’s not in the mood.
Or maybe just mirzan is.

Bleurgh. Every year it gets duller and duller.
But I dunno why, I feel sad for my dad.
I miss him la actually, even though he lives under one roof wit me.
Our longest dialogue can only last for five minutes, and that’s usually when he passes me my allowance. And it’s usually the same things.
“Do you have money?”
I either say yes or no, then he’ll leave.
And it’s the same question the next morning before I leave, “Did you bring your money?”
And we just can’t sit still together. After 5 min it’s either I leave or he leaves.

Sometimes I feel I got so much to say to him, but dunno how to say it.
Things are just sooper different now. bitchbitchhhhhhhh

So it’s his birthday next week.
He’s been through loadsa shit, and I just wanted to give him… what’s that word… comfort? I dunno la. I suck at these things. Mat and I are adults now. I hope he knows he can rely on us, okay maybe not me. But yes yes, at least more reliable than before.

Aiyah I’m such a bitch la bacin.

If your life were a story, what would be the inciting incident and what would be the climax that comes after?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Best of both worlds.

Yesterday the malays in my class started talking about religion.

We were torn between deciding what's religiously right and what can be questionably wrong.
Some of em want to go out every night, do things they wanna do and party the night away, but at the same time retain their religious roots.

They try to get the best of both worlds and find that compromise between what they'd like to do and what they have to do.
Personally I know and everybody know that life is full of bloodsucking temptations we'll often succumb to.

We'll always make mistakes.
And then we'd feel guilty after that.
But it's only because we're human.

Friday, September 22, 2006

For some reason.

I feel really scared. I dunno what is it.
My teeth chatters but its not cold.
It's like my bones are having spasms or something.
But that frightful feeling is still there.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mahathir Mohammad... Satar


I admit sometimes i complain about my brother alot, but there are times when you wish could just take everything and swallow them back.
The thing i fail to realise is he's the only one who properly knows what i'm doing in school and pushes me to work.
Coz i rarely talk to my dad. The only time i get to do that is when he gives me my allowance.
I do feel upset about that.
I can't talk to my dad the way i used to when i was a kid.
Alot of things have changed since mum left.
Even with extra members in the family, a maid, a stepmum, a baby brother, its not the same.

So after 19 years living under one roof i didn't know he had a blog.
More like 3 blogs.
All the time i've been bad-mouthing him he's been comparing me to GIlmore Girls, in a good way.
He wants to be sisterly-close to me but sometimes finds it hard.
But the thing i'm quite glad about is he treats me like my age, and the way i should be treated.
He tends to be over-protective but that's just big brothers for you.